I’m a current user and recommender of keywordisnights and I believe I gave valuable input to improve the experience when I first used it in 2021!

I live in Thailand and have a guest room.  So if Andy comes here on his travels, I can host!

Suganthan is also welcome of course, and we can have a Wheels on the Bus Marathon!

I have been to Norway not once, but twice! (Once with the scouts, so that’s literally Brownie points!)

OK, that’s the important stuff out of the way but I also have some relevant SEO experience which you can read about below:


Andy and Suganthan

I am interested in the Head of SEO role you currently have open at Snippet Consulting.

My resume is available here for your review. Max-J-Peters-CV-301222.pdf

My Linkedin can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maximilian-peters/ 

Given my related experience and excellent capabilities, I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening.

  • 5-6 years of experience in SEO (Ideally touching on both technical and content – but you don’t have to be an “expert” in either).

I’ve been working in SEO for 13 years and a lot of that has been spent leaning towards the technical side of SEO, as such I have vast technical SEO experience.

I also have a deep understanding of all the pillars of SEO including content. Most recently I have spent 2 years as Head of SEO for Hello Health Group, a medical content publisher. As such I’ve been heavily involved in the content side.  Creating processes and best practices for keyword research, creation, and optimisation for the content.

  • Previous experience managing a team.

While in-house at Lazada I managed local SEO teams in 6 countries as well as regional analysts.

In my most recent agency experience with Primal, I managed a team of 4 SEO Analysts, 1 manager, 2 developers, and 3 outreach specialists.

In my current role at Hello Health Group, I manage in-house SEO teams in 3 countries and also a team working on client campaigns.

  • Previous agency experience.
    Proven experience in client expectation management roles and situations, managing and directing client expectations.

When I first entered SEO, I spent nearly 5 years at agencies. Starting in sales & account management then was recruited by another agency to be an SEO specialist and worked my way to SEO Manager.

After over 5 years working in-house at Lazada and eatigo, I went back to agency life and spent 10 months leading the SEO team at Primal. This included assisting the sales team with pitches and attending client meetings to support the client delivery team.

Although my current role is In-house Head of SEO, we also have clients we do SEO work for, such as Abbot, Bayer and Enfa. As such I’m often on the phone helping pitch, presenting work and managing clients.

  • The ability to autonomously identify opportunities, generate ideas and formulate strategies.

Having worked in-house for over 7 years and most recently as Head of SEO for 3, it’s been my responsibility to create the roadmap for SEO. Although I always ensure roadmap ideation is an inclusive and democratic process with all SEO team members, it’s largely up to me to come up with ideas and strategies that will complete the roadmap for the coming quarters.

  • Keyword research is big for us. So you’ll be doing a lot of this – or at least creating processes that are repeatable and for which others can do.

I have been doing keyword research pretty much nonstop for 13 years in some capacity. In the early days, I would be doing it all, more recently it’s more around creating the processes, training, tools and templates so it can be done effectively by the SEO or content teams.

In my last full agency role, I rebuilt the keyword research processes there to ensure intent was one of the main factors, rather than volume. I also implemented a keyword clustering process based on Google SERPS.
(I’m afraid not using keywordinsights, as I don’t think you had launched then in 2020!)

  • We want you to live and breathe SEO by staying up-to-date with SEO news and changes.

Although I’m no SEO influencer, I’m always reading about or contributing to SEO. I have other 60 sources in my Feedly account for SEO alone, I’m a top contributor to/r/bigseo/ and its Slack group, a frequent contributor to /r/techseo/ and its Slack group, and a verified SEO expert at /r/seogrowth/ .

I was also honoured this year to be approached to be a Judge at the APAC Search Awards.

  • Flexible Working Policy – 7.5 hours, Mon-Fri, ideally between 9 am – 5 pm UK time, but you’re free to work a couple of hours on either side depending on your lifestyle (it may also be necessary on occasions to work outside of these hours).

Although I’m based in Thailand I have no issues covering UK hours. Whilst I was working at agencies earlier in my career, these were based in Thailand with UK clients; so I worked UK hours during that 5 year period while being based in an office at that time.

I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you in due course to take this application to the next stage.


Max Peters


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