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Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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Technical SEO Services I Offer

I’ve been auditing websites since 2009 and love nothing more than spending days crawling through data investigating websites on a technical SEO level. Check out this page for more info about how an SEO Audit can help identify issues that can hold back a site from ranking well.

Ecommerce Technical SEO Audits

I’ve worked extensively on Ecommerce websites both agency site working on SMBs to managing the technical SEO for the largest ecommerce site in South East Asia with over 50 million pages. Check out this page to see how I can help your ecommerce sites SEO, whether it’s a small-medium site, or large site that needs Search engine optimisation at scale.

For the past 6 years I’ve worked in-house managing SEO for 3 different multi-location and multi-lingual websites, so I know the complexities international websites can face for and the best strategy to take to increase rankings.

Website migrations can cause issues with organic search performance if proper steps aren’t taken to conserve SEO.

I’ve overseen a number of SEO website migrations, both agency side and in house. This included migrating the entire front and backend of the largest ecommerce site in SE Asia with over 25 million page. Check out this page for more info on SEO for site migrations

Redesigning your site without taking into consideration technical SEO can have dire consequences on organic traffic performance. I’ve managed the SEO for website redesigns for a range of different sites, from enterprise JavaScript sites, to health publications with 300k+ URLs, to smaller businesses. Check out this page for more info on incorporating Tech SEO into your redesign strategy.

Google is constantly making tweaks to their core algorithm, which can result in devastating drops in organic search for some businesses. Often these can be remedied after an investigation in to what actually caused a penalty or traffic drop after. Check out this page to learn more about my approach.

White Label Technical SEO Services

Finding Good Technical SEO consultants can be difficult, even some SEO agencies don’t have a technical specific positions. I can help here by offering my services on a white-label bases, offering SEO agency and web-design agency the ability to offer Technical SEO services. Check out this page for more info.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked for some of the biggest start-ups in South East Asia so I understand the challenges and complexities they face. If you need help with SEO for your start-up then get in touch.

Looking for expert SEO guidance without the obligation of a full-time hire? I’m here to deliver exceptional expertise on a part-time basis. Whether you’re bridging a gap temporarily or require support with particular projects.

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters

Technical SEO Consultant

What Ever Tech SEO Issues You have
I Can Help

Trusted by SEO Professionals

“Max was responsible for creating a much improved website auditing process at Smart Traffic and also was the driving force behind a number of technical SEO improvements.

I can’t recommend Max highly enough.”

James Deverick

Account Director at

Eugene Korotkevich

International SEO Expert

“It’s hard to find a better SEO leader and specialist. I have a few people who will be in my “dream team” and Max is one of them. In my 11+ experience in SEO market, I know what I’m saying.”
“Maximilian is a highly knowledgeable a well respected SEO expert, his attention to detail is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him on any SEO or search related issues. Hard working and professional, SEO needs more people like Max, a pleasure to work with plus approachable and friendly at all times.”
Adam Lurie

Founder of Cached Digital

Stephen Grindley

Company Director at Coaley Peak

“Max both has a strong technical SEO skill-set and project management background – while bringing a holistic influence to campaigns, of which is a rare commodity within the SEO field.”
“I can easily recommend Max as an invaluable addition to any internet company who is looking to reach the greatness in building a sustainable product fueled by organic traffic.”
Amit Kumar Singh

Co-founder @ Travelyaari

Why Hire me as Your Technical SEO Consultant?

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I’ve been working in the SEO industry for over 12 years and 10 of these years have been spent mostly on the Technical side, working at 3 different agencies and working in-house at 3 large brands in SE Asia.

As such, I have vast experience in all areas of search engine optimisation and have worked across all kinds of sites and platforms imaginable. From small family run business, to the most complex of enterprise companies, and I particularly enjoy working on the technical SEO side.

There are many SEO professionals you could hire and some very cheap ones, however, it’s difficult to find good Tech SEOs. Many simply relying on automated reports from tools, or going through a checklist just for the sake of ticking boxes without thinking about what will actually increase SEO traffic for a site and what is realistically doable from a clients’ perspective.

Over those 12 years, I’ve honed my skills to ensure my work and reports are valuable, actionable and will bring results.

Why hire a sub-par SEO expert, when you can go with someone that will get the job done right, first time. If you want to learn more about me, check out my about page or my Linkedin profile.

What exactly is Technical SEO?

SEO can generally be split into 4 main areas:

Does the content answer users queries, how good is the content quality and is it well optimised backed by keyword research.

Can Search Engines judge how credible your domain is by the number of quality backlinks and mentions the site receives?

Do users have a good experience on the site, do they find what they need and is the site fast?

How well the site architecture has been put together for readability by search engine bots. Does it follow best practices as required by Google and other Search Engines.

However, as you’ve found your way onto my site, you know you have a technical SEO issues or need SEO technical help so you probably know the above already.

So let’s identify some tech SEO specifics.

Technical SEO is concerned with elements that can effect, crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking of webpages in search results.

Here’s a sample of some of the issues which can affect the above:

  • Poor site architecture causing the website to be crawled inefficiently
  • Slow page speed causing Google to rank the site lower
  • Linking to internally to broken links or excessive redirects
  • Issues reported in Google Search Console
  • Issues with XML sitemaps, or they include invalid pages
  • Pages indexed in Search Engines which should not be
  • Important pages are being blocked from Google’s index or are inaccessible by search bots
  • The site isn’t secure, or there are issues with the HTTPs setup
  • Issues with meta tags, such as page titles, descriptions and robots meta tags.
  • Duplicate content caused by various different site structure issues.
  • Issues with the mobile version of the site
  • JavaScript causing issue for search bots ability render content
  • Schema mark-up is missing, or incorrectly implemented.
  • There is something that risks a manual action or algorithmic penalty
  • Subdomains or development domain are casing issues.

Conducting Technical SEO work can be time consuming and detailed knowledge, experience and research is required to identify and suggest fixes. It’s not simply putting the website into an SEO tool and exporting a report to send clients (although this is what you may get from cheaper fiverr type services and even some full service SEO agencies).

Yes we can use tools to gather the data, then we need to put on our Sherlock Holmes’ hat on and dig into all that data, interpret the issues and suggest the correct course of action to fix it. A tool will not do that.

This is just an idea of the issues a SEO consultant and help with, from my checklist of over 100 factors. If you want to know more, checkout my technical audit page.

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Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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