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– An independent technical SEO audit of your website?

– A comprehensive website audit of all technical & onsite SEO issues

– An actionable report of issues that can be used to guide your SEO roadmap?

– Conducted by an SEO Professional with over 12 years experience, from start-ups, medium to large business and International brands?

– An expert point of contact for all of your Search engine optimization questions and needs?

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Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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What is a Technical SEO Audit?

As you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably somewhat clued up on SEO and understand you need something more than a generic ‘SEO Check-up’. Those types of check usually only scratch the surface of tech/onsite SEO, content, off site-SEO and are often automated data spat from a tool.

A Technical SEO audit (also some times referred to as an On-Site SEO audit) is comprehensive SEO deep dive into how a Search Engine can crawl, index, render and rank a website and uncover issues that can be holding you site back in organic search.

Even with the best UX, the most engaging content and a good backlink profile, there can be technical issues that can be holding a site back and hurting your SEO campaign.

Who is a Technical Audit for?

• You want to understand if your website is properly optimised

• You have been seeing a decrease in organic traffic

• You feel like you are lacking against your competitors in the search results

• You have recently had a new website or website re-design/migration

• You already have an in-house SEO team, but they need support with the more technical specialist knowledge

What’s included in a Technical Audit?

• Crawling issues

• Indexation issues

• JavaScript rendering Issues

• Unexpected URLs in the Search results

• Canonical tag configuration

• URL Structure

• Redirects

• Redirect/canonical chains

• Broken Links

• robots tag configuration (noindex/nofollow)

• Localisation

• hreflang tag configuration

• Google Search Console settings and Errors

• Content Structure Issues

• XML Sitemap configuration

• Secure HTTPS setup

• Page Speed

• Structured data data/schema implementation

• Image Optimisation

• Internal links status

• Internal linking

• Duplicate Pages

• Duplicate Content

• Mobile setup (including amp, PWA, dynamic serving, app indexing)

• Thin Content

• Robots.txt configuration

• Meta tag issues (page title, Meta descriptions, etc.)

• Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console Issues

• Spam/Malware

• Orphan Pages

• Spider Traps

• Issues with E-A-T

Optional Add on:

Server Log Analysis: Find out exactly what Google is and isn’t crawling compared to the structure of the website.

What’s Not included in a technical SEO audit?

As this is deep dive into technical issues, I don’t cover:

SEO Strategy
Keyword Research
Content analysis
Competitor Research
Link Profile Analysis
Link Building
Google Penalisation/algorithm Investigation (Check my other my other Google Penalisation Investigation service)
User experience/UI Analysis

What’s My SEO Audit Process

Client consultation

Initial consultation with you to find out what’s  your current situation and ensure we are all aligned on expected deliverables.

Request access for Google Search Console, Google Analytics and (optionally) server log files.

Data Gathering:

Use a site Crawler to crawl the entire site to gather all the URLs, and data points for each URL.

Extraction of issues and data from Google Search Console and Google index.

Analyse the data.

Deep dive into the data, spending many hours investigating all page elements to find all issues that will have an effect on SEO performance.

Create an actionable report

After the investigation, it’s time to document all the information into an easily understandable, actionable report that can be understood by all stake holders. Including issue priority & estimated complexity so you can create a roadmap for implementation.

Post Audit follow up

Presentation of findings to you and your teams. Clarifying any questions you may have.

+ 1 hour of follow up support, can be split between phone, emails, messaging.

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters

Technical SEO Consultant

What Ever Tech SEO Issues You have
I Can Help

Why Trust me?

an SEO Consultant works with colleagues

I’ve been auditing websites since 2009 when I built my own WordPress site that ranked all over page 1 for many competitive keywords.

I’ve worked at leading SEO agencies for a total of 6 years, auditing 100s of websites of all types and sizes. From small company brochure sites, to large ecommerce brands.

I’ve worked in-house for a total for 6 years, managing SEO for some of the most well-known brands in Asia.

From a medical health publisher in 9 markets, with over 300K pages receiving million+ organic visits a day.

To the biggest ecommerce site in SE Asia, with over 50 million+ pages, receiving 10 millions of organic visits per day.

I have in-depth experience with multi-lingual/locale websites, enterprise ecommerce and JavaScript based websites.

Over those 12 years I’ve refined and continually updated my process ensuring I’m checking all issues that will effect SEO performance and excluding anything that wont move the needle.

This isn’t simply going through a checklist for the sake of ticking things off. The results are actionable, prioritised and will bring ROI.

You can learn more about my experience on my about page, and you can view my linkedin here.

Trusted by SEO Professionals

“Max was responsible for creating a much improved website auditing process at Smart Traffic and also was the driving force behind a number of technical SEO improvements.

I can’t recommend Max highly enough.”

James Deverick

Account Director at

Eugene Korotkevich

International SEO Expert

“It’s hard to find a better SEO leader and specialist. I have a few people who will be in my “dream team” and Max is one of them. In my 11+ experience in SEO market, I know what I’m saying.”
“Maximilian is a highly knowledgeable a well respected SEO expert, his attention to detail is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him on any SEO or search related issues. Hard working and professional, SEO needs more people like Max, a pleasure to work with plus approachable and friendly at all times.”
Adam Lurie

Founder of Cached Digital

Stephen Grindley

Company Director at Coaley Peak

“Max both has a strong technical SEO skill-set and project management background – while bringing a holistic influence to campaigns, of which is a rare commodity within the SEO field.”
“I can easily recommend Max as an invaluable addition to any internet company who is looking to reach the greatness in building a sustainable product fueled by organic traffic.”
Amit Kumar Singh

Co-founder @ Travelyaari

SEO Audit Services FAQs:

Any type of website and any type of CMS, including ecommerce.

No, as I’m assessing how search engines crawl and index your site, all I need to be able to see is the publicly accessible part of the site.

All depends on the size and complexity of the site. Smaller sites may take me 20 hours, larger sites can be much longer. Lead time for most project are generally 3 weeks.

There are many tools that offer audits, however they rely on a limited number of checks and you still need someone to interpret the data.

They may flag an issue, but there could be multiple reasons why it’s happening. A human touch is needed to dive into all the data, figure out why and how its happening, then suggest the correct fix appropriate to the situation.

This is why audits take the time they do. I do use tools to gather the data, but then it’s all manually analysed.

For data gathering I mainly use Screaming Frog crawler and Server log Analyser, Ahrefs site auditor, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and various Google search operators.

For the biggest of sites, a cloud based crawler is often needed due to the sheer number of URLs. I’ve used Deepcrawl, Botify and Oncrawl mainly.

I also use a bunch of Chrome plugins to help analyse pages, export data from Google, and generally make things more efficient.

A large chunk of the work is done in Excel, manually looking through rows and rows of data digging out the issues. A few magic formulas here and there to make it scalable.

Price can vary greatly depending on how big your site is (how many known pages it has) and how many pages appear indexed in Google.

To give you an idea, my prices start at $3500.

For specific quotes please get in touch.


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Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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