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– Advice on launching into new international markets?

– Help with understanding how to use different languages on your site?

– An independent technical SEO audit of your International website?

–  Conducted by an international SEO consultant with over 12 years of experience from start-ups, global brands and the largest of enterprise sites with 50+ million pages?

– An expert point of contact for all of your International SEO questions and needs?

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Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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International SEO Strategy

Are you looking to launch into new markets but unsure about the correct SEO strategy to take? I can help advise on the best directions to take and the correct way to set up your site/s to ensure your international site can reach its potential.

Technical SEO Audits for Multilingual/locale sites

If you want to target international audiences with your site, there are best practices to follow to ensure the site is correctly optimised to perform well across multiple markets.

One of the most important areas is ensuring you are using the correct site structure for International SEO to ensure a search engine can crawl, render, index and rank all the different language/location-based areas of the site.

A comprehensive technical site audit is required to uncover any issues with the current site-up and suggest changes to improve it.

Who is International SEO for

  • You want to understand if your website is properly optimised for multilingual/locale markets
  • Your international site is underperforming in the search results
  •  You feel like you are lacking against your competitors ranking in different markets
  • You have recently launched versions of your site to target different countries
  • You already have an in-house SEO team, but they need support with the international SEO specifics

What Areas are Important for International SEO?

Should you be using multiple domains for each language/locale? Or should you be using a single domain and should you use subdomain or subfolders?

Can users and search engines easily navigate to the different languages version of the site/s?

How is the site set up to indicate to search engines the international set up? Is it using hreflang tags, are all URLs included in XML sitemaps, are all URLs accessible and indexable?

Have you considered how users in different languages search differently and adjusted your strategy using the correct data?

How are you delivering and localising content? Do you manually translate all your content or use auto-translation, do you only translate some parts of the pages and which pages do you need in each language?

Are these correctly set up to indicate to Search engines your international set-up?

Are you considering link building in the different locations/languages you want to target?

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters

Technical SEO Consultant

What Ever Tech SEO Issues You have
I Can Help

Why Trust me?

an SEO Consultant works with colleagues

I’ve been doing international search engine optimization since I started my SEO career in 2009.

I’ve worked at leading international SEO agencies for a total of 6 years, consulting for 100s of clients of all types and sizes.  From small company brochure sites to large eCommerce brands.

I’ve worked in-house for a total of 6 years, managing international SEO for some of the most well-known brands in SE Asia.

From a medical health publisher in 9 different languages, with over 300K pages receiving million+ organic visits a day.  

A Restaurant booking platform across 15 cities, in 8 countries and 5 different languages.

To the biggest eCommerce site in SE Asia, in 6 different languages, with over 50 million+ pages, receiving 10s of millions of organic visits per day.

As you can see, I have in-depth experience with multilingual/local websites and the different approaches needed.

You can learn more about my experience on my about page, and you can view my linkedin here.

International SEO Services FAQs:

Any type of website and any type of CMS. including eCommerce, Saas, PWAs, Javascript sites.

No, as I’m accessing how search engines crawl and index your international site/s, all I need to be able to see is the publicly accessible part of the site.

With an agency, you’re paying for and dealing with many different people. Business developers, account managers & SEO executives. When dealing with SEO consultants you’re working with the same person throughout the entire process.

I’m the person understanding what your situation is, I’m the person doing the strategy and audits, I’m the person giving you support.

In SEO they are largely the same thing and often used interchangeably. You can differentiate them by saying international SEO refers to moving into new markets outside of your current country and multilingual SEO refers specifically to targeting different languages; whether internationally or not.

I have experience with other countries search engines, such as Yandex, Baidu and Naver.

Varies depending on the size, complexity of the project, website and what is needed.  Contact me for a free consultation to get an accurate project cost.


Let’s Make Things Happen

I’d love to help you with your international online presence. Fill in the form to tell me how I can help you reach a global audience.

Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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