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Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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SEO Migration Services

Are you thinking about moving your website to a new domain, changing the CMS, designing a new site or looking to make wholesale URL structure changes? These types of changes, if not done carefully, can have devastating effects on search traffic.

To mitigate the adverse effects this can cause, careful planning must be done ensuring all elements that can affect SEO have been taken into consideration.

Who is SEO Website Migration Services for?

If you are looking to do any of the following projects below, you need to take into account the effects on SEO and create a migration strategy.

When changing the entire domain name: to This is one of the most common types of migrations but also one of the riskiest. All URLs change, all links must be updated and specific steps must be taken to indicate to Search Engines the change.

Changing your site from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. This can affect SEO, as there will be new versions of URLs that must be redirected too and internal linking throughout the website must be updated to HTTPS.

Moving a subdomain to a separate domain or vice versa, as might take place when launching into different international markets. Similar in scope to a Domain Migration.

Redesigning how the website visually looks. This can be a sensitive migration, as changing onsite elements can have a big effect on how a Search Engine ranks the page. Check out my page dedicated to these types of migrations:

Making wholesale changes to your site’s URL structure. Such as in an eCommerce category tree migration, or Publisher re-categorisation. As rankings are tied to URLs, redirects must be set from old to new and all internal links updated.

Moving from one website platform to another, such as Joomla to WordPress. These migrations are very risky, as most likely they will come with both design and structure changes, as outlined above.
When carrying out multiple migration types at the same time. Can be very risky due to all the moving parts involved and how they cause fluctuations in Google’s rankings.

What’s My Website Migration Process?

This can vary depending on the type of migration, but looks something like this:

Client consultation

Initial consultation with you to find out exactly what type of migration we are dealing with and ensure we are all aligned on expected deliverables and time frames.

Request access for Google Search Console, Google Analytics and access to the development version of any new sites.

SEO Data Gathering

Use specialist software to crawl the entire site to gather all URLs and all the data points for them.

Extraction of traffic data from Google Search Console and Google analytics.

Site Benchmarking:

Inspect all the main page templates on the current site and make a list of all elements that can affect SEO. Such as: Page titles, descriptions, headings, internal links, schema, image optimisation, canonical tags, robots meta tags, hreflang tags.

Audit development site and ensure there is parity between current site for any elements which may affect SEO.

Suggest any further improvement to the development site to increase organic performance.

Map URL Redirects

Map out all the current URLs and the new URLs they will be redirecting to.

Create an actionable report

Document all the information into an easily understandable, actionable report that can be understood by all stakeholders. Including issue priority & estimated complexity so you can create a roadmap for migration success.

Post Audit follow up

Presentation of findings to you and your teams. Clarifying any questions you may have.

Post Migration Analysis

Ensure everything is present and correct once the migration has taken place.

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters

Technical SEO Consultant

What Ever Tech SEO Issues You have
I Can Help

Why Trust me?

an SEO Consultant works with colleagues

I’ve been helping businesses safely migrate their websites since 2009. Here are 3 brief case studies:

While working in-house at Lazada, I oversaw the SEO for the migration of 6 sites with over 100 million pages. This included the CMS backend, a redesign of the front end and also structural URL changes.

At Hello Health Group I oversaw the SEO for the migration of 8 websites, with over 300k pages.  This included decoupling the WordPress CMS and using a custom Javascript front end, and also a visual redesign.

At eatigo, I joined after a platform/design migration had already taken place which resulted in a huge drop in traffic almost overnight.  I was able to identify what caused the drop and suggested changes that successfully recovered the traffic and continued to increase performance.

As you can see, I have specific experience with website migrations at scale and how to ensure SEO safety.

You can learn more about my experience on my about page, and you can view my linkedin here.

Trusted by SEO Professionals

“Max was responsible for creating a much improved website auditing process at Smart Traffic and also was the driving force behind a number of technical SEO improvements.

I can’t recommend Max highly enough.”

James Deverick

Account Director at

Eugene Korotkevich

International SEO Expert

“It’s hard to find a better SEO leader and specialist. I have a few people who will be in my “dream team” and Max is one of them. In my 11+ experience in SEO market, I know what I’m saying.”
“Maximilian is a highly knowledgeable a well respected SEO expert, his attention to detail is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him on any SEO or search related issues. Hard working and professional, SEO needs more people like Max, a pleasure to work with plus approachable and friendly at all times.”
Adam Lurie

Founder of Cached Digital

Stephen Grindley

Company Director at Coaley Peak

“Max both has a strong technical SEO skill-set and project management background – while bringing a holistic influence to campaigns, of which is a rare commodity within the SEO field.”
“I can easily recommend Max as an invaluable addition to any internet company who is looking to reach the greatness in building a sustainable product fueled by organic traffic.”
Amit Kumar Singh

Co-founder @ Travelyaari

SEO Migration FAQS:

Any type of migrations, such as the ones listed above

Usually no, as I’m assessing how search engines crawl and index your current site, so usually the front end of the site is enough.

If it’s a migration that includes a new version of the site, I will need access to the development site on staging.

Unfortunately, even if all best practices are followed correctly, migrations will usually cause fluctuations in search engine results. This is just the nature of the change, Google has to recrawl, index and evaluate your rankings based on the changes made.

However, these fluctuations will be greatly reduced if following a correct plan.

Depends on the size of the site and type of migration, larger sites can experience them for longer.  For the largest of sites, expect things to settle down after 4-6 weeks.

Varies depending on the type of migration, and the size & complexity of the website. Contact me for a free consultation to get an accurate project cost.


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Max Peters Head shot in white shirt
Max Peters
Technical SEO Consultant 
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